Business Planning Consultant in Torrance, CA

Managing a business is a difficult, complex job. At Burton Marcus Inc., we'll help you identify current problems and plan for a successful future with personalized business planning solutions. If you need a business planning consultant in the Torrance, CA, area, turn to our experienced team.

We work with businesses of all sizes as well as both publicly held and private companies. So no matter the size of your business, staff, or problem, our knowledgeable team is ready to assist you.

Strategic Planning

Part of ensuring continued success for your business involves planning for the future. With good planning, you can prepare for increased demand, potential legal issues, and even a change in the economy. At Burton Marcus Inc., we can help you create a personal plan for your business.

Our business planning solutions can also work to help you successfully address a current issue that has the potential for undesirable or devastating consequences.

Management Coaching

A company is only as good as its leaders, and at Burton Marcus Inc., we offer management coaching services that will ensure your management team is ready and able to professionally handle all sorts of issues, from low productivity to declining profits.

Comprehensive Analysis

Your business may be struggling, but you don't always know why. At Burton Marcus Inc., we can perform a comprehensive business analysis that will help you determine the cause of any issue. Additionally, our analysis can help you better understand your business, products, and customers so that you will not only be able to prevent problems but also be more successful when dealing with them

Don't leave the success of your business to fate. Take charge and ensure the future success of your business, employees, products, and customers. Call us today at 310-541-6330 to set up an appointment, or email